Aktuella publikationer

Anne-Sophie Crépin (Ekologi och välfärd)

Crépin and Folke, 2015, The economy, the biosphere and planetary boundaries: Towards biosphere economics, accepted in International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics 8: 1-42.

Schill, Caroline, Lindahl Therese, and Crépin Anne-Sophie, 2015, Collective Action and the Risk of Ecosystem Regime Shifts – Insights from a Laboratory Experiment, Ecology and Society 20(1):48.

Scott Barrett, Timothy M. Lenton, Antony Millner, Alessandro Tavoni, Stephen Carpenter, John M. Anderies, F. Stuart Chapin III, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Gretchen Daily, Paul Ehrlich, Carl Folke, Victor Galaz, Terry Hughes, Nils Kautsky, Eric F. Lambin, Rosamond Naylor, Karine Nyborg, Stephen Polasky, Marten Scheffer, James Wilen, Anastasios Xepapadeas and Aart de Zeeuw, 2014. Geoengineering Reconsidered, Nature Climate change pp 527-529

Max Troell, Rosamond L. Naylor, Marc Metian, Malcolm Beveridge, Peter H. Tyedmers, Carl Folke, Kenneth J. Arrow, Scott Barrett, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Paul R. Ehrlich, Åsa Gren, Nils Kautsky, Simon A. Levin, Karine Nyborg, Henrik Österblom, Stephen Polasky, Marten Scheffer, Brian H. Walker, Tasos Xepapadeas, and Aart J. de Zeeuw (2014) Does aquaculture add resilience to the global food system? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Online August 18.

Cornell, S.E., Forbes, B. C., McLennan, D., Molau, U., Nuttall, M., Overduin, P., Wassman. P., Carmack, E., Crépin, A-S., Heleniak, T., Jeppesen, E., Johansson, M., Jorgenson, T., Koivurova, T., Nilsson, A.E., Rasmussen, R.O., Young, O. 2013. Thresholds in the Arctic. In: Arctic Resilience – Interim Report 2013, Nilsson, A., Axelsson, K., Carson, M., Cornell, S.E., Molau, U. Wilkinson, C. (eds.) Stockholm Environment Institute/Arctic Council, 36-70

Crépin, A.-S., Biggs, R., Polasky, S., Troell, M and de Zeeuw, A., Regime shifts and management, 2013 in J. Shogren, Ed., Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Elsevier Publishers.
Das, S. and Crépin, A.-S., 2013, Mangroves can provide protection against wind damage during storms, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf science December

Carpenter, S.; Arrow, K.; Barrett, S.; Biggs, R.; Brock, W.; Crépin, A.-S.; Engström, G.; Folke, C.; Hughes, T.; Kautsky, N.; Li, C.; McCarney, G.; Meng, K.; Mäler, K.; Polasky, S.; Scheffer, M.; Shogren, J.; Sterner, T.; Vincent, J.; Walker, B.; Xepapadeas, A.; Zeeuw, A. General Resilience to Cope with Extreme Events. Sustainability 2012, 4(12), 3248-3259; doi:10.3390/su4123248. http://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/4/12/3248

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Walker, B. H., S. R. Carpenter, J. Rockstrom, A. Crépin and G. D. Peterson. 2012. Drivers, ”Slow” Variables, ”Fast” Variables, Shocks, and Resilience. Ecology and Society 17 (3): 30. [online] URL: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol17/iss3/art30/

Anne-Sophie Crépin, Jon Norberg, Karl-Goran Maler, 2011 Coupled economic-ecological systems with slow and fast dynamics — Modelling and analysis method, Ecological Economics, 70(8):1448-1458

Carl Folke, Åsa Jansson, Johan Rockström, Per Olsson, Stephen Carpenter, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Gretchen Daily, Jonas Ebbesson, Thomas Elmqvist, Victor Galaz, Fredrik Moberg, Måns Nilsson, Henrik Österblom, Elinor Ostrom, Åsa Persson, Stephen Polasky, Will Steffen, Brian Walker, and Frances Westley, 2011, Reconnecting to the Biosphere Transforming the World in an Era of Global Change, AMBIO 40(7):719-738.

Crépin, A-S. (2011), Askö 1997: Comment by Anne-Sophie Crépin, Chapter 18 in Söderqvist, Sundbaum, Folke and Mäler, Eds, Bringing Ecologists and Economists Together, The Askö Meetings and Papers, Springer.

Lindahl, Crépin and Schill, 2014, Potential disaster can turn the tragedy into success. Beijer Discussion Paper 244.

Anne-Sophie Crépin, Brian Walker, Stephen Polasky, Will Steffen, Victor Galaz, Carl Folke, and Johan Rockström (2011) GLOBAL DYNAMICS, MULTIPLE SHOCKS, AND RESILIENCE Planetary stewardship and catastrophic shifts in the Earth system Beijer Discussion paper 228.

Line Gordon (Mat och Vatten)

Biggs, R., Gordon, L., Raudsepp-Hearne, C., Schlüter, M., Walker, B. 2015. Principle 3: manage slow variables and feedbacks. Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological System. Cambridge University Press

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Bennett, EM, SR Carpenter, LJ Gordon, N Ramankutty, P Balvanera, B Campbell, W Cramer, J Foley, C Folke, L Karlberg, J Liu, H Lotze-Campen, ND Mueller, GD Peterson, S Polasky, J Rockström, RJ Scholes, M Spierenburg, 2014. Toward a More Resilient Agriculture, Solutions 5(5).

Keys, P. W., van der Ent, R. J., Gordon, L. J., Hoff, H., Nikoli, R., and Savenije, H. H. G. (2012) Analyzing precipitationsheds to understand the vulnerability of rainfall dependent regions, Biogeosciences, 9, 733-746, doi:10.5194/bg-9-733-2012.

Will Steffen, Åsa Persson, Lisa Deutsch, Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams, Katherine Richardson, Carole Crumley, Paul Crutzen, Carl Folke and Line Gordon, et al. 2011. The Anthropocene: From Global Change to Planetary Stewardship. Ambio 0044-7447. Doi: 10.1007/s13280-011-0185-x.

Keys, P. W., R. J. van der Ent, L. J. Gordon, H. Hoff, R. Nikoli, and H. H. G. Savenije. 2011. Analyzing precipitationsheds to understand the vulnerability of rainfall dependent regions. Biogeosciences Discuss., 8, 10487­10516. http://www.biogeosciences-discuss.net/8/10487/2011/doi:10.5194/bgd-8-10487-2011

Bolee, E.  (Ed.) 2011. Ecosystems for water and food security. UNEP. (http://www.unep.org/publications/contents/pub_details_search.asp?ID=6208)

Lisen Schultz (Samarbete och Mångfald)

Odom Green, O, Lisen Schultz, Marmar Nekoro, Ahjond S. Garmestani. 2015. The Role of Bridging Organizations in Enhancing Ecosystem Services and Facilitating Adaptive Management of Social-Ecological Systems. In Allen, C and Garmenstani, A (eds) Adaptive Management of Social-Ecological Systems. Springer.

Cundill, G, Anne Leitch, Lisen Schultz, Derek Armitage . 2015. Principle 7. Encourage learning and experimentation. In Biggs, R., Schlüter M, Schoones., M (eds). Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological System. Cambridge University Press

Leitch A, Cundill G, Schultz L and Meek C. 2015. Principle 6. Broaden participation. In Biggs, R., Schlüter M, Schoones., M (eds). Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological System. Cambridge University Press

West, S. P., and L. Schultz. 2015. Learning for resilience in the European Court of Human Rights: adjudication as an adaptive governance practice. Ecology and Society 20(1): 31.

Norström, A. V., A. Dannenberg, G. McCarney, M. Milkoreit, F. Diekert, G. Engström, R. Fishman, J. Gars, E. Kyriakopoolou, V. Manoussi, K. Meng, M. Metian, M. Sanctuary, M. Schlüter, M. Schoon, L. Schultz, and M. Sjöstedt. 2014. Three necessary conditions for establishing effective Sustainable Development Goals in the Anthropocene. Ecology and Society 19(3): 8

Plummer, Ryan, Lisen Schultz, Derek Armitage, Örjan Bodin, Beatrice Crona, Julia Baird. 2014. Developing a diagnostic approach for adaptive co-management and considering its implementation in biosphere reserves. Beijer Discussion Paper 245.

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Biggs, Reinette, Maja Schlüter, Duan Biggs, Erin L. Bohensky, Shauna BurnSilver, Georgina Cundill, Vasilis Dakos, Tim M. Daw, Louisa S. Evans, Karen Kotschy, Anne M. Leitch, Chanda Meek, Allyson Quinlan, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, Martin D. Robards, Michael L. Schoon, Lisen Schultz, and Paul C. West. 2012. Toward Principles for Enhancing the Resilience of Ecosystem Services. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Vol. 37: 421 -448

Carpenter, S.R., Folke, F., Norström, A, Olsson, O., Schultz, L., Agarwal, B., Balvanera, P., Campbell, B., Castilla, J.C., Cramer, W., DeFries, R., Eyzaguirre, P., Hughes, T.P., Polasky, S., Sanusi, Z., Scholes, R. and Spierenburg, M. 2012: Program on ecosystem change and society: an international research strategy for integrated social-ecological systems. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 4:1-5

Tholander, J., Borgström, S., Jacobsson, M., Normark , M., Schultz, L., Ståhl, A., Vaara, E 2012. But I don’t trust my friends. Ecofriends – A mobile application for reflective grocery shopping. Conference presentation at Mobile HCI 2012.

Schultz, L., A. Duit. and C. Folke. 2011. Participation, adaptive co-management and management performance in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. World Development 39(4): 662–671

Lisen Schultz, Ryan Plummer and Samantha Purdy. 2011. Applying a social-ecological inventory: A workbook for finding key actors and engaging them. http://www.resalliance.org/index.php/resilience_assessment



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